Patti Urie

Owner / Operations

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My mountain love story began when I arrived in Whistler B.C from Toronto in 1989, but it was cemented with Joe, here in Jasper, in 1998. This is one of the world's truly special places. It's our home and it's where our children have grown up.

Together, Joe and I have built an experience that we have delivered to visitors from all over the world. An experience that constantly gets rated "the best thing to do when visiting Jasper National Park!" But don't take my word for it. Read what our previous guests have had to say and then come and experience a trip with us for yourself!

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Joe Urie

Owner / Head Guide

The Canadian Rockies are known to the Indigenous people in Alberta as the 'Shining Mountains' or the 'Backbone of the World.' Joe Urie, a Métis guide and owner of the Jasper Tour Company, knows these mountains as 'home.' Joe comes from a proud Métis family who have been living and guiding along the Athabasca River for a very long time. The first of his people arrived on these shorelines from the historical Métis Homeland, in what is now Manitoba in 1860. Joe considers the Athabasca River to be the blood in his veins and he invites you to experience the Rockies through his eyes. Whether it’s viewing their grandeur, hearing stories of the region’s First Peoples or learning about the wildlife that roam here, Joe's love and knowledge of the mountains, combined with his good nature and a damn good story makes the Jasper Tour Company your number one choice for adventure on any visit to the Canadian Rockies!