Patti Urie

Owner / Operations

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My mountain love story began in Whistler BC in 1990, but it was cemented with Joe in Jasper in 1998. This is our home and it's where our three children are growing up. For years I've watched Joe give everything of himself to ensure that visitors from all over the world go away with a true sense for having been here. I've seen the joy they get from their adventures with him in the mountains and I thought it was well past time that he put his own name to what he does.

So here it is, I hope you like it!

Welcome to the Rockies...Welcome to the Jasper Tour Company!

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Joe Urie

Owner / Head Guide

For over a hundred years guides have been leading people on excursions into these mountains in search of experiences only found on the periphery of their daily lives. In keeping with the standards set by such Jasper legends as Mary Schäffer, Curly Phillips and Bill Ruddy, Joe Urie, (voted the best guide in the Rockies), and his excellent staff will take you into the mountains on a trip that'll serve as the bricks and mortar with which you'll build your own memories. The mountains provide the setting, we provide the guide, but without you, there is no adventure!